Rosalind Pepall

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A graduate of the M.A. program in Canadian Art History at Concordia University under Russell Harper, François-Marc Gagnon, and Laurier Lacroix, Rosalind Pepall began her career in Canadian art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 1978. Recently retired as Senior Curator of Decorative Arts at that museum, and formerly Curator of Canadian Art (1995-2000) there , Rosalind Pepall has assisted in a wide range of exhibitions, publications, conferences and research in the areas of the decorative arts and Canadian art and architecture. Since 2000 she has headed the curatorial committees for exhibitions on Ruhlmann : Genius of Art Deco, (2003-2004), in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y., and the Musée des Années 30, Paris, France; the Canadian travelling exhibition Edwin Holgate, Canadian Painter, (2005-2007); and Tiffany Glass: Colour and Light, presented in Paris, Montreal, and Richmond , Virginia. (2009-2010). Most recently, Ms. Pepall co-edited the 400 page book on the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ collection of decorative arts and design, which accompanied the 2012 reinstallation of the Liliane and David M. Stewart pavilion of design. From 2009, she was a member of the curatorial committee for the preparation of the exhibition, Artists, Architects, and Artisans: Canadian Art 1890-1918, presented at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, November 2013-February 2014. She is presently acting as a free-lance writer and curator.


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