Camille Turner

Camille Turner as Miss Canadiana








Camille Turner’s explorations of home and belonging take many forms and span disciplines such as media, performance and social practice art. She is the founder of Outerregion, an afrofuturist art studio. Her beauty queen persona Miss Canadiana, is an “official” symbol of Canada that challenges perceptions of Canadianness and troubles the unspoken binary of “real Canadian” and “diverse other“. Camille’s most recent works respond to the erasure of 400 years of Black history from Canada’s official narratives. Her sonic walks HUSH HARBOUR and The Resistance of Peggy Pompadour reimagine and evoke Black bodies to present digital sites of personal and public memory that intervene in the forgetting that forms the Canadian landscape. In collaboration with Windsor artist, Alana Bartol, her work in uncovering the story of the enslavement of Black and Aboriginal people in the Windsor area has attracted national attention. As an educator Camille has produced learning resources and delivered arts based workshops, programs and courses that facilitate intercultural exchange. She currently teaches Art, Culture and Community Building at University of Toronto’s New College.


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