Andrea Budgey

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Andrea Budgey studied music and medieval studies (at Dalhousie and the University of Toronto), and continues to sing and play regularly with the SINE NOMINE Ensemble for Medieval Music. She was ordained priest in January of 2008, and currently serves as the Anglican chaplain at the University of Toronto (based at Trinity College), and as an honorary assistant priest at Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields. She has been involved in community outreach and advocacy for many years, and has also been a freelance writer and researcher, calligrapher, radio music producer, and concert manager; integrating arts experience and social-justice concerns into the practice of church is one of her principal interests.

SYNOPSIS (Andrea Budgey + Maggie Helwig)

Art and Justice in Sacred Space: We may see churches and other faith institutions as spaces designed to create immersive environments aimed at the transformation of participants, and as such they present exciting opportunities for collaboration with artists and curators; insofar as the transformation imagined by faith communities aims at greater compassion and justice, this is also an inherently political act. We will talk about some of the history of collaboration between faith and art, and our own experience in curating the Faith, Arts and Activism festival at St Stephen-in-the-Fields and Trinity College Chapel.

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